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Falling about here. The drug/scat story barrier is a semi permeable membrane, they inevitably run into each other. The need for a shit is most noticeable for me when ecstacy is in the ascendance. remember the outdoor ones we used to do with Lighty and a gaggle of schoolgirls. The joy of eyewatering visceral peristalsis, the chlorophyl caress of the doc leaf against your snipper. Then later, as you disrobe for some mdma faux passion with the sixth former of your choice, the little chocolate kisses in your kex which tell you you pulled up prematurely. Isn't chemical love wonderful. 

I was crashing at Mark Pumford's 'flat'. It made Peter's place look like Beckingham Palace...we took loads of blotters (Martin & I had used Pete's address to get them posted into UK from Amsterdam)

We were 'cleaning up' all the rough edges of the A4 paper the blotters had come on, we were literally eating long strips of paper imbued with acid... a seriously 'heroic' dose-although i didn't know it at the time.

One of the first reactions i get when coming up/through on Acid is the need to void my bowels. I think it's fairly common, but typically the need was there but the shit wouldn't come out.  I was on the bog for about 3 hours and I was damn SURE  that there was arse based fecal matter to be evacuated...alas...no...I strained and pursed but nowt was forthcoming from the nipper so we settled in and watched 'Once Upon A Time In America' a seriously long Leone movie, as i'm sure you know.

I eventually, and rather boringly, fell asleep but awoke at god knows what time (there was no natural light in Pumford's place so you had no-idea if it was day or night 10 in the morning or 10 at night kinda thing)

Anyway, i felt really fuckin' rough and I then realised I had a half emerged TURD jutting outa ma arse. It had obviously forced it's way out during my sleep as it was stone cold and welded to my anal hairs..Fuck me it was a right 'Bugger' to shift. I had to sort of, very fucking gingerly peel it off my arse hairs.  Nice .

I know this is more a shit/scat/toilet humour than true straight down the line drug story, but without the acid my arse surely would've been spick and span as a shiny new penny. Anyway it was sunday so i got on the train and went to Chapter Arts Centre, Canton Cardiff, to do a gig with LowGods... I'll post a Low Gods picture when I can find one. We did a video too... I wonder if Deany Boy still has it?

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