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“Spot On”

One off documentary about acne and other related skin complaints.

Acne afflicts millions of people. It certainly afflicts adolescents who have enough of a problem entering adulthood without the additional problems of zits.

Increasingly adults suffer from prolonged bouts of bad skin, Acne can blight lives and destroy confidence. Acne sufferers often feel that their skin complaint can lead to isolation and even to being ‘passed over’ for certain jobs. Some even blame their acne for failed attempts at relationships…

Schoolyard taunts and insults have made it into the common lexicon of our language.., ‘Craterface’ ‘Pizzaface’ ‘Moonface’  ‘Scarface’

The causes of acne are hormones, stress, diet, ‘coming of age’, oily skin, and bad cleansing practices, but what explains those lucky unafflicted people with clear complexions who eat fatty foods and chocolates?  Those who don’t take adequate care of their skin? Who don’t use expensive cosmetics? Surely acne is a problem just for those who suffer from excess oil production and blocked pores due to over production of sebum? Statistically over 70% people have suffered acne/bad skin conditions at some stage in their lives. So, even those who have ‘text book’ clear skin have at some point suffered mild forms of acne.

One lump or two? Chronic spots, scarification (the singer Seal) bodily acne (spots on the back, neck and chest) boils bumps, whitheads & puss. We’ll cover all pimple manifestations. In the dramatic world of TV & Film scarred, acne faced actors are often typecast as villains and baddies.  

We’ll interview dermatologists, doctors, and advocates of complementary medicine, typecast actors with bad skin, and the sufferers themselves. The ‘clear skin’ (acne) industry is a multi-million pound business that sells all kinds of ‘Oxy-lotions’ and preparatory ointments to desperate sufferers. We’ll try and get a consensus of opinion regarding the best treatment and pass on the most useful information. We’ll use archive footage and show still photographs of celebrity acne suffers (Cameron Diaz, Bryan Adams, Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, & Victoria Adams) Interviews with makeup artists and fashion photographers will illuminate the ways and means professionals use to mask the pimple problem.


In July 1987, Carl Chadwick of Rugby, England, squeezed a zit and projected a detectable amount of yellow pus a distance of 7ft 1 inch.

We’ll look at radical laser treatments and worst-case scenarios (Teenagers popping zits!) We’ll interview sufferers, ex-sufferers and a test subject who has recently become afflicted. Our test subject will be the recipient of the newest treatments and the latest ‘dermal regenerative technologies’.

The purpose of the documentary would be to raise awareness of skin complaints and highlight ways and means to combat the problem for sufferers. Granted some of the footage will be quite horrible and certainly graphic (with spots being squeezed into the lens) but the simple rationale behind the programme is to dispel stigma and engender lively debate and discussion whilst offering advice from experts on treatment and cure.

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