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The Best Medicine?

One-off Documentary about sick jokes and black humour.

Apparently those who work on stressful difficult jobs (Doctors, Policemen, Lawyers) often exhibit a sick sense of humour. This is said to be because making jokes about graphic experiences is a way to alleviate the psychological pressure. Itís a Ďlet off steamí valve that allows those working in highly pressured environments some respite from the harrowing conditions of their work.

Thatís the politically correct answer. What about the jokes that follow mass public tragedies? Lady Diana Spencerís car crashing? September 11th terror attack?

What is the psychology behind laughing in the face of adversity? What is the rationale? Or is it simply irrational?

Interviews with comedians, psychologists, policemen, lawyers and those in the medical professions, question whether they are Ďde-sensitisedí to the horror of things or is it the mindís way of venting the pressure in certain scenarios that are often too tragic for words?
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