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Accent on Accents

One-off documentary about regional accents.

Interviewing linguists, language experts & historians. Utilizing archive and film clips to illustrate regional accents in Britain. Getting many and varied accented vox pops on tape. Travelling the length and breadth of the UK, But with special focus on Wales and the so-called ‘brain drain’.  With talent migrating to London and beyond. Do Welsh people who move away from home at a young-ish age lose their accents, primarily, to fit in easier? Is the loss of one’s accent reversible? Is it peer group pressure? Do people lose their accents less so nowadays with the advent of ‘Cool Cymru’?

What about the spread of London’s ‘estuary’ accents How come some accents prevail whilst others diminish? Is it the media? Does Eastenders promote cockney accents?

Under representation of accents in media.

Surveys that show how some accents are ‘trusted’ above others. (People trust/like a Scots accents but don’t trust a Brummies & Scousers!)

Call centre accents. The ‘put on posh’ voice that ‘normal’ people use when speaking through telephones or public address systems (I’m thinking of train service announcements) or when talking to doctors/lawyers/policemen etc.

Received pronunciation in theatres and in broadcasting, is the RP training changing to incorporate more varied accents?

Indian Pakistani accents influencing traditional regional accents. Somali population in Cardiff. Some of the English languages greatest practitioners are Indian academics.

Mimics and impersonators show some tricks for learning accents.

Elocution lessons to teach you top talk  ‘proper’

The reverse Pygmalion effect. Nowadays, it would seem that posh toffs are more inclined to sound like ‘Cockernees’ than glottal stoppers as they actively hide their clipped enunciations in order to gain the ‘respect’ of others (Guy Ritchie?).
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