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"Fight Fight Fight Fight" Short Version.

Documentary looking into the whys and wherefores of fighting. 

When is it time to fight?

To protect loved ones?

To stand up to bullies and oppressors?

To preserve beliefs?

 To end violence?

 Does violence ever solve anything?

 Why do football fans fight and rugby fans not? Or is that a myth? don't ask me, i'm a pacifist...

 Mindless violence outside the pub on a Friday night?

Projects to curb violence. Models of behaviour. Cultural differences in violent behaviour.

Interviews with nutters, ex-nutters, prisoners, hooligans, pacifists, boxers, pacifist boxers, martial artists, piss artists, psychologists, medical types, girl-gang members, hard men & self confessed cowards.


UPDATE: I know this is a tad vague and underconstructed. I'm sure I have a longer proposal version with more meat on it!

I pitched this to BBC Choice (as it was then called) but they already had a documentary about fighting and violence in production fronted by Guy Ritchie! Whatever happened to that? It now feels more like a show for BRAVO



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