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21st Century New-Age Renaissance Blokes

Sit-Com set in and around Edinburgh based in a flat full of utterly pretentious tossers who all think they’re the next best/newest documentary filmmaker/ DJ/Contemporary Dancers/filmmakers/ artist/advertising copywriters/philosophers/filmakers.

(Steven Soderberg recently stated that 'Director' was one of the easiest 'entry level' titles to award oneself as you'd only to have stood on a film set or pointed a camcorder in order to class oneself as a 'Director')

This is where you'll meet all my favourite whipping boys and girls. Miles, Giles, Matt, Sam,(Male) Jak, Jon, Adam & Joe and Zizzi and Zoe. Oh, and Sam (Female)

Like a post millennial ‘Young Ones’ except these fuckers are trying to opt in rather than out of the system!

Full proposal available on request.

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