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"I Travel Across The Land"

Or “Britain’s Biggest Idiot”...Or ”TWATS”

Armed only with my trusty RUSTY old Sony Hi8 camcorder, I go out and about across the UK meeting eccentrics and nutters of all stripe, my ceaseless quest to find ‘Britain’s Biggest Idiot’

Introduction/opening credits to the show would feature me interviewing a ‘character’ on the street. The character would simply be trying to find out the name of the show whilst I’d be trying to talk him into appearing on the show. E.g.:

ME: “ We’re looking for creative colourful individualists”

PERSON: “ What’s the show called?”

ME: “We’re after the eccentric types like you who have forged their own path”

PERSON: “What IS this show called?!”

ME: “we're actively looking outside of the system!”

PERSON: “what is the show called!!!???”


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