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F#@k Me! - A Bastard's History of Swearing
I don't know where this one came from...

I'm sure it was sent to me or something. I only recognise about two bits of my own writing here. wierd. Actually I'm sure I was being too formal with it and that's why it reads 'flat.' And dull. Not to put you off  'cos there's a few bits here I like. The Yoni-Universe reference (That' ll make a public appearance at this year's Wickerman Festival) for instance...It could be jazzed and ramped with some seriously profane swearing i supose.

Bloke Close Up: He catches his finger in a door: 'Fuck'.

We nearly all swear. Apart from the few who’ve made a vow or conscious decision not to.  From small curses uttered and muttered under the breath to full-blown exclamatory ‘Navvies Language’. It’s hard to imagine how we’d express our many and varied emotions, be they anger confusion or excitement, without resorting to colourful and creative ‘bad language’. Got that fucker?

Insults have long been part and parcel of our historical and cultural legacies.

Many cultures throughout history have used insults to goad and gauge responses from enemies, test the metal of foes, win ‘round a resentful crowd, or simply to strike a blow without having to ‘strike a blow’. The plays of Euripides and ‘Soft lad’ come to mind.

Social conditions of swear words-Where they’re ‘acceptable’

Evolution of Swear words-How they change meaning.

Degrees of Swearing-Why are some words deemed so much more offensive than others?

Allusions in literature and poetry- ‘quaint passage’ ‘quim’ being an ancient word for vagina as was ‘quip’. ‘Cunt’ is still the most ‘offensive’ word one can use but it is an ancient word which has it’s origins in ‘kith’ ‘kin’ ‘akin’ and ‘country’.

The word Universe is derived from another old word for vagina ‘Yoni’-‘Uni’ the vastness of space  
Abstract ideas through the use of swearing- ape language and their use of abstracted words to indicate higher intelligence. ‘Normal’ words (toilet) used as insult.

Televisions problem with swearing- the watershed-putting swearing in context with ‘hard-hitting’ drama but not in the mouths of children or on chat shows

Archive examples: ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Alf Garnett ‘Bloody’ ‘Sod’ ‘Silly Old Moo’, The Sex Pistols on the Bill Grundy Show: ‘You Dirty Fuckin’ ROTTER’, John MacEnroe ‘Fuck’, TFI Friday- Shaun Ryder ‘Pretty VaCUNT’,
Swearing Vox-Pops 
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