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These days (ominous 'old cunt' type start) nearly everyone’s wearing retro T-shirts.

Retro t-shirts with obscure pictures of old faded Indian Bikes motifs, or a picture of some obscure car-spares outlet in the mid-west…

....“Hal’s Sumps” “Dave’s Brake Drums” “ Big Fat Joe’s Starter Motors ”....

ALL today’s jeans are pre-faded and distressed, all the jackets ‘worn-out’, faded, frayed and crumpled.

No one has worn-out ANYTHING on their own anymore. It’s all been bought to look lived in. Worn old truckers hats, second hand jackets, and creased-in trousers.

All these guys who wear this stuff probably work in some semi-sedentary job. They wouldn’t know manual labour if it jumped up theirtwisty levis’ and tickled their perineums.  And we all schlep around trying to  follow the  student/media/retro-evolved DISTRESSED look.

Desperate to give the impression that the clothes were ‘thrown together’ and not fussed over, and certainly not checked and re-checked in the mirror at H&M, Burtons & TK Max to make sure they go with the ‘Bed Head’ gel for that ‘slept in your clothes’ look. No way!

Now this means that I KNOW I’m an old fart because I look at all these clothing ‘styles’ and think, ‘ I’d dearly like to see a crisp pleat running down the front of a white pair of chinos as the trouser fabric ‘breaks’ gently over a polished brogue or a comfortably worn-in old pair of desert boots.

Hhhmmm.., Sort lost it there I think. I'm SURE there's more on the retro tshirt phenomenon.....Think of all the girls in their Motorhead/Iron Maiden/Metalica  t-shirts...Can't be fucked to give it much clear thought, I'm probably better off talking about guitar tone or something that i'm actually really INTO...
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