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Little Britain rant that sorta morphs into kidz rant.

Little Britain: It’s alright I suppose.

 So, Little Britain has, at last, achieved the success it’s always deserved. Success above and beyond its means, success beyond ‘cult’, whilst, crucially, still retaining ‘cult kudos’ whatever that is.

What the fuck happened? It’s like everyone snuck out of bed at 3am on a Sunday morning and all met –up in a big aircraft hangar, where they all took a vote and unanimously agreed that Little Britain is as funny as fuck? Official! (Borrowed from Bill Hicks too!)

It’s a version of nature abhorring a vacuum, but instead it’s so-called ‘critics’ who abhor a vacuum so they create a success or indeed a failure where one needn’t be.

Little Britain: Mediocre.

It has some intermittently funny sketches and the odd bit that’s might raise a titter in a media studies students’ bedsit but it’s meagre offerings at best ain’t it! Vicki Pollard is good but that’s it. The rest of it’s padding and sub footlights warmed up burnt offerings.

And as for that David Walliams he’s A total scum if ever I saw it. I’d LOVE to FIGHT HIM. The arrogant soft-boned babycock. AND ‘cos it’s got some other middle class thespian from the League Of Gentlemen writing/producing it’s now got the cultish ‘stamp of approval’ thing that ‘MAKES’ it good by association.

It kinda proves that people don’t know their arse from their elbow. ‘cos if you can delude people into truly believing that this warmed up piss smear is funny then the skies the limit ain’t it!


WELL WHO FUCKIN’ CARES what the monged out kids do? Kids are mindless fucking savages, don’t you know that by now!?

Kidz have to be told what to fuckin’ THINK for fuck’s sake! Of course the kidz repeat everything they hear, that’s why adverts are so popular it’s so the zombed out ‘kidz’ have something to say. They’re automatons. Ask a kid it’s ‘opinion’ you’ll hear a load of ripped off reheated bollocks, so if you’re using ‘The Kidz’ as a popularity barometer then you ARE Satan and you Already FULLY SUCK ARSE. (More borrowing from Bill Methinks!)

Sorry, this whole things feels a bit OLD post the LB backlash... but it sorta gathered a head-of-steam about those pesky kids and their disposable fucking incomes didn't it?! Chairman Mao had the right idea: MAKE the children of the wealthy work in the fucking fields.  I  added the swearing, although I'm sure Mao was a good orator and would've occasionally dropped a few well placed 'Fucks' into his speeches. I think, from what i've read, and extrapolated for this hastily fabricated thesis, that Mao actually favoured 'Arse' 'Shit' 'Bollocks and the 'hardy perenial 'staple', 'Bugger'. I know nothing of his use of 'Cunt' or 'Ruddy'. Although I DO KNOW that Winston Churchills' regular favourite was 'Mingeface' which he would use to discombobulate (the very bearded) Issac Haynes! Now that's trivia!
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