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Muso: Music prog that doesn't pander to 'the kids'

If you can get past the awfully pitched hype at the start: 'The MUSO Show clever and  passionate not patronizing and childish' type of utterly crappick PR pitch and spin bollockette spume the ACTUAL topics and ideas are quite quite interesting!


“Music journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t speak, and writing for people who can’t read”. F Zappa

 “I just wanna make some eardrums bleed”… ‘Heavy Metal Rock’n’Roll’-Spinal Tap

 Music lovers don’t just love pop or punk; classical or jazz; folk or funk; they love music.
Muso: An intelligent, non-patronizing, non-hysterical investigative music show. The polar opposite of most music programmes on terrestrial television.

“Musos on Musos…” Robert Fripp pays tribute to the phenomenon of guitar John McLaughlin.



Jazz is the Modern Art of music. IE: A lazy much maligned shorthand that we know as ‘self indulgent’ ‘pretentious’ ‘Up It’s Own Arse’ & ‘Purist’.
Let’s look at the clichés and the stereotypes and see how they stand up to scrutiny above-and-beyond the tabloid/socially conventional representations.

‘NOSTALGIA ROCK’N’ROLL’ (Surely an oxymoron?) We analyse current ‘retro’ bands and magazines.

Why are we so obsessed with nostalgia?

BBC Radio 2 and 3 and BBC digital 3 & 4 All exist to cater for the Nostaglia market.Q magazine and it's ilk never discover any new acts, they simply delve deeper into the archives and create a CD retrospective market for an obsure preferably dead musician.  

‘Keeping It Real’- what makes some bands/artists more ‘authentic’ than others…we question the notions and rules regarding 'Keeping It Real'.

The Ripped Knee if the Levi 501 jeans: Who was first; Neil Young or The Ramones? (A gay perspective contends that it was borrowed from their culture as all the knees where torn out of their jeans due to vigorous arse banditry up the 'Concrete Alley')

‘Apartheid Rock’- There seems to be a ‘natural selection’, an ethnic division within music. ‘Bloc Party’ are one of the few exceptions to this rule. Most indie bands are white (apart from ‘obligatory’ Japanese bass players, which in-itself is a weird sub-genre) why does this division apply? Often NME readers would admonish the editors for featuring articles/stories on dance/urban acts, complaining that their paper was ‘straying’ from it’s demograph audience…IE: Caucasian middle class ‘alienated’ young men.

“Staring into the Abyss” ARE Musicians only capable of expressing themselves through their chosen medium?‘Rock’n’Roll’ Is it true that often they’re too scared to look too deeply into the song-writing process, to analyse and deconstruct exactly what it is they do. Just in case they jinx themselves and lose the (God/Devil given) inspiration? Fuck ‘em, we’re going to break down every chord/melody/song structure and distil the pure, undiluted ‘Ingredients of Song’. let's disect these fuckers hearts. 

Real music fans don’t want to hear the average pop interview on TV. Pre-vetted questions about the 'Making of the video' or bland non questions like 'How's the tour going' – who cares? Rather we want in depth interviews on song structure and writing skills with our top popular artists.

*Computer Music
. Yes, computers now ‘write’ scores… In fact, the BBC has recently ‘commissioned’ them for quite a few dramas and documentaries…

 *’Band As Gang’ Forget the excesses of R’n’R it’s the intolerance that really interests me. Why bands HATE other bands.

*Underrepresented. Finding the least fashionable and out-of step styles and genres that’ll NEVER get a deal

Modern Classical composition – who is writing what and where? Traditional classical performance, what is happening where and when?

*Topically we will feature controversial happenings in the music world like The Magic Numbers storm out of TOTP We talk to Musos about how they feel they are represented in the media.

‘Rock myths’ being a particularly pathetic cliché to live up to.

Muso is like a music fan – without limits! Muso - leaving the MTV generations behind and fulfilling the needs fucking listeners. How'd ya like them apples!


Well yes, on re-reading I think there's quite a few bits that'd make for an interesting show. But the real question is this: Would/Could you get decent in-depth interviews out of some of these so-called 'Pop stars'? some of them might be ok with it!..Also, fuck pitching ANYTHING like this to MTV BBC C4 etc...make it for the WWW. My next plan is to start making up a list of folk I can get to meet and interview...(either audio OR preferably with a DV camera) and get a pilot episode knocked together for a possible/potential Podcast.

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