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worst trip
For the record: My worst experience was on Mushrooms.

I was living in Pete's (Not a good start !)

and was there on ma tod (Pete went to India, remember?) It was cold no heating, no telly nuthin'

so...I decided to gub a fuckload of the dirty smelly little shit-ape basts....The trip started off OK....Me...Playing Bass guitar and communicating with Jaco Fuckin' Pastorius or some other cunt (highly reverered musician)...But as the night  wore on I became more& more convinced that something terrible was  happening to someone I knew...

It was happening in real time..some sort of rape/murder in the dark North of England (Why so  specific? fuck knows it it was HORRIBLE) and there was nothing i could do about it. Powerless. It was a feeling of dread pure and simple. That's the only word that describes my state at the time. Sorry.  My dreams are cunterblasts of pure mini-drink semi-sonambulent scrofula!

..I went a bit crazy that night and can now see that some folk NEVER come back whole again after acid/shrooms... It was horrible- talk about David Lynch..The buzz off the 60 watt  bulb was deafening and the light cast a palid sickly glow over everything, I was walking around at about 4am thinking 'I'll never come down Never Come Down I'll never be 'right' again...' Of course I'm ALL BETTER NOW. But I STILL feel I came pretty close to a psychotic meltdown that night.

 Keep the drug stories comin' we should get enough between us to publish the bastards... Upendowner? ...wasn't that some sort of song title of yours?

 I  gave the psylocibin a break after that little episode..

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