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Shock Jocks

America has always had more than it’s fair share of talk radio ‘Shock-Jocks’. Male loudmouths, who harangue, barrack, argue, entertain and/or make crude pronouncements on everything from abortion, racialism, gun control and ‘Why America Truly Is the Land of the Free’.

Why is it that these self-confessed preachers of the Fifth Amendment right to free speech are virtually always rightwing?

Is it the exclusive province of the reactionary right to be nasty spiteful bullying bastards? Or can the left join in? And, if so, then why would the left join in?

Seemingly the press-derived prevailing image of left-wingers is that of a bunch of ‘bleeding heart liberal whiners’ whilst the shock-jock is, -if he professes any political leanings at all-A Right Wing Libertarian. IE: he believes in total and absolute freedom for himself but, (crucial bit this) not for everybody else.

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