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1… “Jesus smoked dope!”

well, not quite. Account of how early Christians used cannabis oil in their anointing ceremonies. During the anointing & oiling ceremonies cannabiniods were used to break the blood brain barrier, the active tetra-hydro-canabinols would very quickly enter the bloodstream resulting in epiphanies aplenty and many conversions to Christianity.

Certainly not the kind of message one can imagine contemporary Christians preaching today. The article would feature aspects concerning the wider implications of religion and belief systems mixing it with drug cultures.

David Koresh, Catholic Body of Christ, Shamanic traditions of ceremonial drug use (Fly-Agaric Mushrooms) There is also the wider question as to why Christianity is seen as ‘uncool’ today. Particularly when compared to more esoteric Eastern religions. But, could there be a swing back to the happy clappy Christianity of old, or even an upsurge towards a new ‘harder’ more ‘street’ Christianity? Jesus H Christ.

2… “The House of the Beast”

Boleskin Lodge on the banks of Loch Ness, was once the bolthole of the original Beast Aleister Crowley. A self-styled warlock/wizard and the architect of resurgent interest in paganism esotericism & liberty. ‘Do what thou wilt and thou shall be the whole of the law’.

Crowley was certainly one of the first ‘post’ Christian exponents of polytheism. Primer introduction to The Beast himself, with a history of the Lodge. Further inquiry: Jimmy Page, twin necked guitar meister from legendary heavy rock overlords Black Sabbath now owns Boleskin Lodge and has always had affiliations with occultism and cosmology.

3… Paranormal Edinburgh…

Poltergeists, plagues and gullible tourists. I’ve been, I filmed I came home unimpressedGhastly past and gentrified present…It’s Disney in the Dungeons. Or is it? Look out! There’s something behind you… Oh, It’s okay; it’s just an underemployed actor in a fuckin’ shroud! Dismissive article ripping the arse out ‘Ghost Tours’, which, most cities are trying to establish after the success of Edinburgh.

 4… Sick Things…

Thomas Mann was quoted as saying: ‘Most great artists are great invalids’… Michelangelo-manic depressive. Henri Mattisse-Appendicitis. Nietzsche-Tertiary Syphilis. Frida Kahlo-Spina Bifida. Bronte Sisters-Tuberculosis. Byron’s clubfoot and of course then there’s suicide…the tired notion of an artist ‘starving to death in a garret’ may be the tip of the iceberg. Does the enforced solitary nature of a debilitating aliment (whether it’s physical or psychological) result in creativity and artistic endeavour?

There’s still a cliché that runs through populist culture that one has to suffer for their art. Although it’s more often the opposite view that gets noted. Which is, that Beautiful People are vacuous fuckin airheads! Of course I have to argue against that, as I’m good-looking and very creative. And modest to boot…

Jian Buddhists 400 years before Christ, claimed they could walk on water, understand all languages, heal cripples, cure the blind and turn base metals to gold. They apparently could do all this because they tortured themselves, went without food and sex and claimed their life of hardship and pain was what gave them their magical powers. They even claimed they could raise the dead!

Later Christian martyrs who whipped themselves and tortured their flesh were offshoots of the Jians. Religion has always has an S&M aspect. Were you are supposed to look at pain as a spiritual tool?

* Added article spin-off feature… Does working in a nasty job turn you into a sick fuck? Interviews with mortuary attendants, doctors, ambulance operatives, police officers etc. Stories that ‘Thrive on the ORAL tradition’ apocryphal tales of doctors sewing up scalpels inside patients etc.

 5…Drunken Buddy…

Charles Bukowski…

Party on dead dude! Words on the King of the Bums…His books, his filmic representations (Barfly, Tales of Ordinary Madness Factotum 2005)

 Bukowski’s ‘Legacy’ his poetry, his alcoholic philosophy and, of course, his women.

 6… “Mad Marco”

The films of Marco Ferreri.

Controversial Italian director Marco Ferreri has made some remarkable films. ‘La Grande Bouffe’ (Blow Out) a bunch of well off Frenchmen (Judge, lawyer, politician, pilot) attempt to gorge themselves to death. The New York Times declared that ‘Blow Out’ ‘Tests our limits of shockability’ Ferreri then made the utterly silly ‘Bye Bye Monkey’ starring Gerard Depardieu, who adopts a baby chimp found in the arms of an enormous ape by the Hudson River! ‘Tales of Ordinary Madness’ (Biopic of Charles Bukowski) and ‘La Carne’ an explicit sex-comedy made in 1991. Ferreri deserves a decent retrospective-let it be me, not Mark Fuckin’ Kermode!

7… Graphic Graphic novels:

Violence-Sex-and-Death! Where to get them (Imports, outlets, online websites etc) authors/artists to read.. Paulo Serpieri (Druuna) Milo Minaro (Click, Butterscotch, Gullivera) Manga Movies and Mad Anime.

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