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Hep-High T4

Hepatitis High!

 New Drama from T4:

Follow the bed-hopping exploits of some beautiful, rich talentless decadent and utterly fucking dysfunctional young London artistes moderne' as they shag each other insenselessly in white painted apartment flat/maisonette/condos in Highgate and Bayswater.

Gasp at their clueless conversations about life-in-the-fast-lane.

” We could go to Groucho’s but I don’t want to bump into Guy Ritchie he wants me for a role in his next film,

‘You’re ‘avin’ a laugh’...

 but its shit innit?

wor is?

'Is Film.

Woz it called then?

'Your 'Avin' a Laugh.



That's what it's fucking called: 'You're Avin' a Laugh

Let's get some coke off that cunt over there from Hollyoaks

Simply fucking divine interiors and lots of copious cocaine consumption and rough arse based sex written by Russell T Davies..Also cuniligualized sexual mouth to 'April' (Cockney Slang) rimming on a glass topped table designed by Masile'.

Art Direction: Freddy 'Parrot Face' Davies.

Camera Pull Digestion Operators: Vince Neil and Roget's Thesaurus

Mobile Belch Extractor for Fat Overlords:  Provided by Daniel Day Lewis

Special Bodywarmer for Ms Winslet provided by Death Walks Among You Now. (Leeds)

Sponge Farm: Needlessly ripped out of it's natural habitat immediately after production ceases. No question about that. At all.

Brought to you by the same team who did Queer As Folk and Bagpuss
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