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tally ho we're orf to the country
  Liz Hurley giving up fashion to manage a farm.

Picture her in that Versace dress, mucking out the pigpen down on the farm. Yeah-right. Head of some free-range organic co-operative with Prince Charles more like.

I can imagine her getting on swimmingly well down on the country estate what-o. BULLYING the SURFS WHAT WHAT!...She’s got a plummy enough acent hasn’t she?

I’m sure she’ll soon be picking up country-folk habits like Jam Making, Ritual Child Sacrifice, Satan Worship and Incest.

And then there's Fox Hunting. 
Straddling a 16 hander bareback would be childs play to Liz considering all the gnarled-up putrid millionnaires cocks she's ridden.

Hey okay okay,  it's a varied view of the country from a city boy who was once attacked by a beagle in a field. So i have issues with the 'great' outdoors and besides country folk are always lording on about how fucking great it is and they're all  'out there' in this great big earthy fucking fecundity. Arrogant soil sucking toffs, Fuck 'em for a change.
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