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Harry Potter: A life in film.

Hogwarts reminds me of the BBC. Outwardly 'ethnically inclusive' (obviously) but only as long as you've all got the same fucking preppy/estuary modified accents! 'We don't care what colour you are just as long as you share the same values as us"

Harry Potter ‘Goblet of Fire’ premier – fans waited up to 12 hours in the rain to catch a glimpse of the stars. Daniel Radcliffe and other actors wore velvet suits....

Aren’t they all growing up so VERY fast? What’s the next instalment? Harry Potter and the Curse of the Acne Cluster’: in which there’s a puss filled zit, and a rash of arse hair grown on the upper lip...

How about Harry Potter and Griffindor’s Secret Porn Stash: In which, Hermoine walks in on Ron when he’s WANKING HIS SPINE OUT over the Kelly Osborne Winter Bikini Catalogue..
Next:  Harry Potter and the Gap Year in Indonesia and Thailand'... Ron gets fucking AIDS, Harry gets genital warts in his anus, and Draco Malfoy discovers his inner-Lady-Boy Bull-Homo sucky-fucky side.
Then there's ‘Harry Potter and the Mid Life Crisis: Really darling it was nothing more than a silly little sordid affair”

‘Harry Potter and the Fixed Rate Lump Sum High Interest Savings Account’: In which Harry trades in equity bonds and fucking ISA’s…

AND Finally…
Harry Potter and the Senile Serpent of Seaview: Harry’s later incontinent years in a retirement home on the Eastbourne coast where he cakes his old velvet suit trousers in shit and sicks up his mashed 'nanas onto his lap. 'Oh Harry,' says the nurse, looking down at his limp form. 'You've got shit and spew and well, goodness knows what all over those raggedy old trousers again! I swear it's a miracle Harry, you really are a magician...yes you're a perverted scummy and sordid little magician of disgustingly effluent bodily fluids... Is that ectoplasm or are you just pleased to see me! you palid little fucking pigdog"...

She then glowers at us the 'viewer' and we see that she is somehow 'in on it'. Sort of in a 'Ring' kinda intertextual way. Then she viciously burns Harry's face with a set of ceramic hair straighteners. 
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