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JohnPeelRant (OK I know it's in the forum)

I've quickly bunged this here and sorry 'cos it's pretty unformatted. But I  just to get out 'out there' again ..I know it's in the forum but I wanted it to get a wider airing 'cos it's relevant.
Below is the piece i wrote to a BBC Interactive website on the day JP passed on....I posted it and got into a right old heated debate with a bunch of easily shocked dafties online. The BBC deleted my post saying it was defamatory and they deleted ALL the posts and replies to it too...Talk about a LAW UNTO THEMSELVES!

THE BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION HAS USED PUBLIC MONEY TO EMPLOY THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE.., Kate Heavenour Richard Bacon Katy Hill (In-fact ALL Blue Peter presenters since John Noakes) Jeremy Clarkson Chris Moyles Sue Lawley Colin Murray The entire cast of Eastenders (except the bloke who played Lofty) Tony Blackburn Dave Lee Travis Zoë Ball David Hepworth (Old Grey Whistle Test) Jimmy Saville The Scottish woman who does the weather on Breakfast Cliff Mitchelmoore Phil Jupitus Natasha Kaplinski Sian Williams Bill Oddie Scott Mills Vanessa Feltz ‘Diddy’ David Hamilton Mr Blobby Mark Lamar Terry Wogan Steve Wright Noel Edmunds Timmy Mallet Johnny Vaughn Robert Kilroy Silk

If all the above died on the same day, it wouldn’t matter one jot. The general public wouldn’t stop to pause. Actually, quite a few (myself included) would celebrate!

John Peel was worked to death by a combination of intolerable hours and indifferent management within the BBC. He will now be rhapsodised over by a bunch of 40/50-something, mainly middle class, men who, themselves, work at the BBC. They will cite Peels’ ‘passion’ and ‘youthful commitment’ to the music he loved as his lasting legacy that we can all aspire to and indeed, remember him by.

Peel was an institution, unlike the BBC, which is a faceless soulless merry-go-round of moneymen and Marlboro Light smoking ‘style arbiters’. And we are, as paying punters, now subject to the whims and vagaries of ‘Producers’ with names like Miles, Giles, Matt, Sam Jack, John (That’s J.O.N) Adam & Joe, Zizi & Zoë. John Peel’s sad and untimely death actually highlights the grievous lack of inspired and talented music programmes currently produced at the BBC. Would any other ‘DJ’ or ‘presenter’ ever get as much respect and well-meant sentiment as dear departed old ‘Uncle John’?

John was always the type of music fan who played music for it’s OWN sake. The type of fan that has a dogmatic love of music that transcends fashions, fads and trends. Peel sometimes gave me the impression that he didn’t really care what music he played just as long as he played it. In fact, he was sometimes annoyingly perverse, playing Status Quo simply because no one else was. You’d be forgiven for getting the impression that whilst he was spinning his umpteenth ‘Rub’a’Dub Jamaican Reggae import he was actually making a cuppa and listening to the football results…

And please, don’t, in the beeb’s defence throw up all the excess channels (BBC3, 4&6) that cater for the marginalized music lover. WHY would I want to hear Phil Jupitus playing records that I have in my own collection?

Peel was almost an anachronistic BBC ‘Type’ himself… posh, privileged, and sarky. But Peel’s bloke-ish, footie-fan loving, bumblingly endearing obsessive/compulsive nature seems almost a ‘persona’ to us these days Now, we have hundreds of blokes ‘acting out’ a similar shtick. John Peel was the first to play pretentious, arty, laddish, loud, stupid, pre punk, post grunge, AOR MOR progressive 3 chord noise and not care what people thought of him because of it. Can the same be said of any other broadcaster or any other show?



Absolutely. The BBC has a monopolizing stranglehold over most bands and acts in the UK. I agree with the point made Re: Playlists and specific shows designed for specific audience ‘demographs’. John Peel never really considered what 'genre' music fitted.

Punk was a body blow across the bows of stagnant complacency. What was New-Wave became ‘Alternative’ music and eventually succumbed to the horrendous moniker ‘Indie’ a narrow floppy fringed jangly guitar amateur hour of mediocrity.

from bbc website moderator:

Dear Contributor,

Thank you for posting a message to a BBC message board. We very much appreciate your interest, but are sorry to tell you that your message has been removed. Your message has been removed for legal reasons. Legal reasons could include: *Potentially libelous comments *Contempt of court (writing something which may influence the jury in a current or forthcoming trial) *Breach of an injunction *Inciting an illegal act Please remove any such material from your message, then resubmit it.

 Again, thank you for your time and interest. BBC Messageboard Moderators TO ALL BBC MESSAGEBOARD USERS: Unfortunately, some people repeatedly post inappropriate material. After receipt of this notice, anyone who posts messages which break our House Rules ( may have action taken against their account (or accounts). Such action may take the form of a user's future messages being delayed for checking before they appear on the boards, or of the account(s) being suspended or banned without further notice.                                                        < This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it > 28 Oct 2004 15:03:41


 "Emotive language like 'the rancid breastmilk of 'Auntie Beeb's' withered teats' isn't particularly helpful"...


C'mon It's the blinkin'BBC we're talkin'about! Lighten UP. And as for Muse we'll aren't they just Radiohead on an E? Although I do like their histrionics and the 'anti-cool' angle you mention. Being Cool BLOWS. Check out Yngwie Malmsteen for some serious Paganini based arpeggios. Oh, he's HEAVY METAL surely that'll NEVER DO. Very UNCOOL. I agree about Kings Of Leon, reto archivist, reactionary tosh eh? why don't they meander back to Big Sur with their Byrds riffs and Ginsberg books raise some corn fed kids and be carpenters or somesuch romantic male 'BS'

 Sorry it sorta trails off at the end, because I don't have the complete posts but it show JUST how easy it is to offend the bloody BBC! \n This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it >
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