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Neds & Chavs are sooooo fuckin' funny....aren't they?
Where would Scottish Comedy be without the humble Ned/Chav-The only minority it's OK to despise without being thought of as a racist or bigot!

WITHOUT the ned/chav Scottish Comedy would be firmly in the doldrums that’s where. And all these media whores going on and on about how the working class are full of 'Native Wit'....

‘Yeah, the Ned/Chav IS intrinsically AND inherently funny with his trackie suit and strange raptor-like gait walking around like as if he’s got a half-petrified frozen turd jutting out his arse, puffing away on a spliff with that curious over-arm technique, all the while sounding like a turkey who's just found out theTRUE meaning of Christmas 'Oh maaaaan nooo maaan ya fuckin' RIDE ya...maaan'...Yeah the Ned/Chav...I think they’re just so funny’

So says the Media Whore, wearing his breathable-Gap-Gortex-all-weather-off- road-all terrain-pristine-condition-boots, twisty-engineered ‘distressed’ Levi’s ‘cos he can’t even wear out his own fucking jeans, his bones all soft from being born, bred and brought up, in centrally heated air-conditioned environments, suckling Auntie Beebs’ rancid breast milk from her dried up withered old teat ends, whilst simultaneously puffing away on the media whore cigarette of choice- The Marlboro Fucking Light. KNOW THYSELF YOU STUCK UP, INSULAR, BIGHEADED FUCKING CUNT.

A small corner of this country shall remain forever the South of England it’s called the BBC. A place for corralling all the ugly talentless and socially dysfunctional people. ‘Hi Nigel haven’t seen you on the telly much recently’…I wonder the fucking fuck why not. 'Cos television people are yuppie fucking scum that's why....
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