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Howdy all,

I'm Nigel Buckland the Welsh bloke who's been the Master Of Ceremonies at the Wickerman Festival since it's earliest inception.

I first came upon the festival in 2002 when I filmed a feature for the Sci-Fi Channel. Since then I've readily returned every year to meet up with old friends like Sid and Jamie, see some amazing bands, and harangue and harrass festival goers from the safety of the Summerisle Stage.

This year i'll be dressed up as an enormous pink phallus as befits the wickerman festivals' pagan/celtic roots.

Although, when you look into phalocentric penis worship, you soon come to realise that most devotees actually revered the YONI and NOT the LINGHAM. Indeed the word YONI has now evolved into our word for 'Universe'....So the next time you're looking up into the pitch bible-black night sky, remember, It's not an empty void of nothingness but a big warm inviting giant FANNY your looking up at. See? It doesn't seem quite so cold and empty now does it...

Sweet dreams! Anyone wanting to talk more or get an insight into my world should visit www.dogsizedcat.comand simply sign into the members area. See you in the fields! NigL NigL
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