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Louis Theroux 'Weird Weekends'.....fuckin' snobby cun
He goes to America and deliberately misunderstands them in order to feed the British sense of cultural & intellectual superiority over these upstart dashed ruddy red-necked Yanks.

 "So, you live in a trailer with your 1st cousin who's also your wife and mother of your 7 children!"

(Louis then looks sarcastically & condescendingly to camera lens, so WE, as viewers can LAUGH AT the interbreeding YANKEE Buffoons)

This bigotry is perfectly permissable by the so-called liberal Left because America is seen as 'Imperialist' or simply 'capitalist' so it's okay to HATE THEM. And while we're getting our worst prejudices concerning Red-Neck America confirmed by Theroux....Hhmmm.. I wonder what impression of 'Brits' he's perpetrating to the yanks...

A stumbling, mumbling, permanently apologetic, stammering Hugh Grant-alike, posh, public school educated, RP accented, diffident, skinny armed, innefectual London toff ponce geeky bookish 'English' twat, that's what.

He CONFIRMS all the stereotypes that Americans have about us Brits... What-o, I say, Let's go fuckin' hunting stag with Guy and Madge tally-ho-country-life-Miss Marple-Oxford-Shakespeare-Inspector Morse-Monty Pythoooooooooonnn.....Bobbies on the fuckin' beat shit.

It might as well be Donald fucking Sinden..Americans are derided for their lack of geophysical  knowledge..."Glasgow, London, England" 'cos they only meet caricatures like Theroux. They must think we all gobble quails eggs and poisson swigged down with brandy and cigars!

How many times have I got to hear.."Americans have no sense of irony" No, it's not irony it's cynicism they don't have.  And let's face it, you've got that in fucking bucketloads...Fucking Channel Four fucking BIGOTS. Was it on C4? Or the BBC? who cares...it's thick.

NEXT: Avid Merrion: And why we find anyone with an indistinct European Accent intrinsically hilarious 'cos they're speaking the Queen's English like Manuell in Fawlty Towers ha ha ha...by the way... what's a monoglot?

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