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Example One

In the mid 1980’s I attended an ‘E-Force’ course run at BBC Wales to encourage a ‘wider’ group/social demographic to seek work within the BBC by offering training and placements with various departments.

Three women ran the course.

One morning I was up bright and early and the first in. As I approached the office one of the women who ran the course came out to the corridor and intercepted me. She told me I couldn’t go into the office as ONE of the other women was having a terrible time with her (alcoholic) partner and she didn’t want to see any other males until she has calmed down.

Duly I waited until she could control hare male-hate…

IF POLITICS IS SHOWBUSINESS FOR UGLY PEOPLE THEN THE BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION IS A ‘Community for the Socially Dysfunctional. How can they claim to make programmes ‘for the people’ IE: Spending taxpayers money to employ arrogant insular middle class wankers to make ‘documentaries’ about ‘life’…

Plenty more to follow… 
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